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In Kenya, it is mandatory for your vehicle to have a motor insurance cover before being used on a public road. The importance of having a motor insurance cover is that it covers you by compensating for physical damages as well as your liability to your passengers and other third parties involved in the unfortunate event of an accident.

The cost of a motor insurance cover will vary for different types of covers and insurance companies. Majority of insurance companies in Kenya offer two types of motor insurance covers, third party and comprehensive insurance cover.

While third party insurance cover is cheaper and covers you against liabilities that may arise from damages caused to third parties, the comprehensive car insurance offers a wider range of benefits.

Third Party insurance cover

Third party insurance cover offers you the basic protection in the unfortunate event of an accident. This is a legal requirement mandated by Chapter 405 of the Kenya Traffic Act. It covers damages, injury or death caused to the third party.

When your car is insured under a third party cover, it means that if you get into an accident, the insurance company will only pay for damages to third party property such as buildings and cars or injury to the third party and not to yourself or your car. A CIC third party insurance covers you against:

  1. Damage to property that belong to other people like vehicle or buildings.
  2. Bodily injury caused to third party.

Comprehensive insurance cover

A comprehensive car insurance cover is not a mandatory cover but it is the most preferred by Kenyans. This cover offers full protection to both parties in case of an accident. A comprehensive insurance cover offers financial security in case of a road accident or in case your car is stolen, damaged due to fire, riots or natural disasters like floods. This cover also offers third party benefits such as damages to other people’s properties like vehicle or buildings, injuries and death.

Different insurance companies have different additional optional benefits that are linked to their comprehensive insurance covers. Such covers allow you to enjoy benefits such as towing cover, windscreen cover, entertainment unit coverage, courtesy car, political violence and terrorism among others.

With a CIC comprehensive motor insurance, you are ensured coverage against:

  1. Accidental Damage
  2. Malicious Damage
  3. Theft
  4. Fire
  5. Third Party Liabilities
  6. Riot Strike and Civil Commotion
  7. Floods
  8. Extras – free limits of windscreen and radio cassette covers.

Available extensions include political and terrorism covers, courtesy car, excess protection and enhancement above free limits.


When buying a car, insurance is very important because it offers financial protection to the person and their property. Before purchasing a motor insurance cover, it is important to compare and evaluate the different motor insurance covers and insurance companies to ensure that the cover you get suits your needs best and finances. At CIC Insurance, we offer the best service. We keep our word.

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